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Coding a Game Now Gives Achievements Like A Game

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Microsoft has made it so you can earn achievements while coding your game, which makes coding your game like playing a game while you’re coding your game. An interesting application of the achievement concept, and it will be curious to see if it motivates coders to dive deep into the code, and perhaps discover new ways to use it. According …

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OnLive is finding its way into Google TV.

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OnLive, a cloud gaming service that eschews hardware except for a tiny connector box and requires only a broadband connection, was viewed with considerable doubt, if not outright ridiculed, when first announced. Not only has it found increasing success and acceptance, but the service is going to be included in GoogleTV-equipped televisions and devices. OnLive claims that in the GoogleTV …

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After having read through the comments and seeing one that included gamertags (your username when signed into the gaming services like Xbox Live or PSN), I thought sharing them would be a great idea. Therefore, I am putting up this post for the sole purpose of sharing gamertags in the comments. If you have a gamertag and would like to …

Serious Sam Gameplay Video

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Since I mentioned Serious Sam and its spectacular multiplayer co-op mode in class, and many of you were unfamiliar with the title, I thought I would throw up a video of some gameplay footage. This is the final level; just imagine it with 16 other players and 4 times the enemies, especially when the player starts heading towards the pyramids. …

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Are Videogames Healthy?

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A hospital is going to study games that require active involvement, which I’m assuming are games like Just Dance and Dance Central, to see if there are associated health benefits. The article also suggests adults don’t participate enough to see the benefits. I don’t know about you, but I work up a pretty good sweat playing those things, and they …

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The Smithsonian is giving artistic credit to video games

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From March 16th to September 30th, the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. will have an exhibit focusing on the artistic aspects of, and contributions from, video games and the people who make them. Further indications of video games as a true artistic medium along the lines of film and television, both of which the Smithsonian have embraced for many years, or …

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Welcome everyone!This is the blog for IS 474x, The Business and Technology of Video Games. On this blog, I will post relevant and hopefully interesting opinions, articles and links that will cause you to think about the topics at hand. I expect an active community here, and I want to see everyone involved. You should be anyway; this is a …

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Introduce yourself!

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People take this class for many reasons. Some do it simply because they are a gamer, others don’t understand what all the fuss is about, some have a morbid curiosity, and others want to know why their family members or significant other spends so much time in front of the TV. Whatever your reason, tell us your story! Share your …