Xenoblade 2 Confirmed For Holiday 2017

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Despite being announced alongside Nintendo’s Switch console, the direct sequel to the Wii’s Xenoblade Chronicles, never had a firm release date. With their new E3 trailer, Nintendo and developer Monolith Soft have narrowed that release date to the end of the year: the trailer ends with a more definitive Holiday 2017 release window.

Xenoblade Chronicles (Just Xenoblade 2 in Japan) has a distinct new art style from its predecessor. It also leaves Shulk behind, featuring an entirely new hero and adventure. With just the trailer to learn from, it’s still unclear how it will tie into the overall Xenoblade storyline. It’s also a different game from the WiiU’s Xenoblade Chronicles X, a spiritual successor to the Wii title that released in 2015.

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