Monster Hunter World Makes Current-Gen Debut

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The monster hunter series, wildly popular in Japan, has long been relegated to older hardware. Most entries have appeared on portable systems like the PSP and 3DS, with the few console excursions the series has made limited to older hardware like the PlayStation 2 and Wii. Sony helped Capcom drop a bomb tonight by unveiling the all-new Monster Hunter World at their E3 stage show in Los Angeles.

While World will not be exclusive to the Playstation platform, it is a new step for a series that has often been rooted in the past. I myself have never been particularly drawn to the Monster Hunter formula (which is heavily based upon cooperative play), but this new entry looks like it has taken lessons from more modern games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls in an attempt to bring in new fans.

The game launches for Xbox One as well as PS4 in 2018.

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