Kratos Is Still Angry In Playstation 4’s God of War

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Kratos is an angry dude. It’s an emotion that led him through 3 games across two consoles, and helped him murder dozens of Greek gods. Now that the entire pantheon is dead, he’s moved on to another life, in the frigid North. He also has a son (the Son of War?). It seems he’s even managed to calm down a little.

That is, until the monsters start showing up in the latest trailer for the PS4’s soft reboot, God of War. Set many years after the first game, it seems Kratos is still happy to eviscerate enemies in graphic glory (now with 100% more beard). The scale and spectacle you’d expect with a God of War title is on full display here, and leaves me optimistic that Sony Santa Monica is changing just enough about the series, without losing what made it cool in the first place.

Sadly, like many of Sony’s big announcements, God of War is not coming to a Playstation near you until 2018, but you can watch the game’s latest trailer below.

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