IO Interactive Earns Independence from Square Enix

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In an announcement on their website this morning, beleaguered developer IO Interactive announced that they had become a completely independent studio. Previously reported as up for sale by parent company Square Enix, despite the developer’s critically-acclaimed reboot of the Hitman franchise last year. In a surprising twist, the Danish developer will also retain the rights to the Hitman property.

This is great news for fans of the franchise, as the episodic game will likely see more content, a future that was heavily in doubt once it was announced that Square Enix was looking for a buyer. The statement was mum on future plans for Agent 47, but said that more details were coming as early as next week.

We at the experience bar are big fans of 2016’s Hitman, and it landed at Number 2 on our 2016 Game of the Year list.

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