Hyperkin brings back the Duke

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With the newly announced Backward Compatibility of Original Xbox titles for the Xbox One family of products, what better way to play the classic than with the good ‘ole Duke controller itself?

Esteemed game peripherals company, Hyperkin, has announced a partnership with Microsoft to recreate the original “Duke” controller for Xbox One and Windows 10. The controller will be a faithful recreation of the original Xbox “Duke” controller with Seamus Blackley involved with the project, who was on the original Xbox team. The controller will also come with some new features like a logo display screen, bumpers, and just to slap you in the face with more nostalgia it will also have a 9 foot detachable cable.

No word on price at the moment, but it is anticipated to drop around the same time Xbox One X is released. Also, this probably means that Sean with his yeti hands can enjoy his preferred controller for Halo. 😛


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  • Sean Roslon

    Aston, you’re right… I’m totally getting one of these. I actually busted out my OG Xbox last night, thanks to the backwards compatibility announcement, and I think I’m going to play Halo with the Duke right now.