The Experience Bar’s Most Anticipated Games of E3 2017

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The 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo is nearly upon us, and the barkeeps are excited to see what the industry has in store during their biggest news week of the year. Here are the barkeeps personal top 5 games they’re looking forward to seeing more of at this year’s E3.


Detroit: Become Human
It’s almost here and I want a release trailer already! So far, we’ve only gotten some basic trailers and information, but I want dates of availability, I want more gameplay, I want more!

Whatever new games are announced for Xbox
With the cancellation of Scalebound, Microsoft’s known upcoming games are pretty.. anemic. If you’ve got more games to show off with the Scorpio, Microsoft, let us know now! It’s quiet frankly more important than the full Scorpio reveal itself!

Whatever new games are announced for Switch
Similar to Microsoft’s situation, Nintendo has a fresh new console and they will need to show more than just the expected brands that we know and love to make the Switch a solid, life-long success. I don’t want a repeat of WiiU where we literally got the same games with HD slapped onto it (in this case, “Deluxe” slapped onto it). Show us some new and fresh titles to sink our teeth into!

Whatever kooky thing is at the PC Game Show
The newcomer to E3, PC Game Show hosted by AMD, has had a bit of a hard time gaining attraction in the general public. That is absolutely part of the reason why I have interest in it, though, because I’m weird like that. Games are typically not really revealed at the PC Game Show, but certain strange concepts are, like last year, when Phil Spencer showed up out of nowhere to say that Killer Instinct, Gears of War, and even more Xbox games are coming to PC. No one really thought that that would be a thing. In an event like E3 where we know that things like a newer version of an Activision or Ubisoft title will be shown, I find the PC Game Show a much needed different take on what can be offered.

Just… give us the damn game already. Even if it’s broken. We don’t need another Last Guardian situation, please.


Detroit: Become Human
Next to nothing has been said on this game since the premiere of the trailer at E3 last year but it still remains one of my most anticipated games for the PS4. Hopefully we see more of it at E3 this year.

Super Mario Odyssey
To say that the trailer for Super Mario Odyssey was bizarre is something of an understatement. The real world setting to his hat with eye balls to the new abilities make for an interesting game I can’t wait to see more of!

Fire Emblem Warriors
Hyrule Warriors was such a fun crossover game between Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. A Fire Emblem crossover will be just as epic, especially if it contains heroes like Chrom, Robin, Ike, and Marth.

Days Gone
While the zombie genre has overstayed its welcome in more than one form of media, the gameplay shown of this game at E3 last year was such a blast to watch, including when the game was rendering so many zombies running after the main character at one time.

Kingdom Hearts 3
At this point, there’s a better chance of Nintendo releasing a surprise restocking of the NES Classic than KH3 having any new details released, but damn it, I’m keeping hope alive we get SOMETHING at E3, even if it’s just another new world announcement (The last one was Big Hero 6 at D23 in 2015).

Horizon: Zero Dawn is easily one of my favorite games in recent memory and it screams for more exploration in the world and story. Considering the game sold incredibly well for Sony and Guerilla Games, a sequel is without question. However, that doesn’t mean the original is done. There are some areas on the map that look like they have some secrets to hide but they aren’t explorable yet. Could these be DLC areas that Guerilla will release down the line? Possibly. I have fingers crossed we get some sort of info at E3 with a possible release date.


More single-player shooters, weird alternate history, and loads more of punchin’, shootin’, and stabbin’ Nazis is ALWAYS a good thing.

God of War
When this game was first announced last e3, I was hesitant to embrace a new entry in the already-long series. Then I realized it involves Kratos taking on the Norse gods.

The last Spider-Man game I played was Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 because after that, nothing else was worth playing. I’m hoping Insomniac can change that. The combination of Insomniac’s unique take on action and one of the popular comic book characters around is a match made in heaven.

Battlefront 2
With an unique single-player campaign and settings that span across all eras of Star Wars films, EA’s Battlefront 2 makes its predecessor look like a tech demo.

The Swords of Ditto (and whatever weird stuff Devolver Digital throws at us)
Throw together a co-op action RPG, heavy Adventure Time vibes, along with Devolver Digital, and you got yourself the makings of something beautiful


God of War
Last year we were teased with a new God of War and while I’d like to completely geek out, I still can’t tell if it’s going to end up a big budget boring mess or if there is more we haven’t seen that will justify bringing back Kratos for some God-slaughtering greatness. Sony’s recent success with Horizon: Zero Dawn and relatively good treatment with IPs makes me hopeful that it’ll be more than a cash grab.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole
South Park: The Stick of Truth was a refreshing gaming experience and lighthearted take on the RPG formula. With all of the delays and “development hell” going on, I’m interested to see if it’ll still hold up. Initially announced in June of 2015 and slated for release December 2016, the game is “finally” scheduled for an October 2017 launch.

I feel like there has been a huge drought of good superhero games ever since Marvel Ultimate Alliance came out, but hopefully Insomniac Games can prove that the genre isn’t dead! Sure, these types of games are meant to supplement a movie just like a plush toy or ceramic mug… but there was a time when they were great! With this new Spider-Man along with TellTale taking on Batman and Guardians of The Galaxy, we may be seeing a resurgence in superhero video games. Now if Rockstar could make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game in an open world Manhattan…

Sonic Mania
I had the opportunity to checkout Sonic Mania at the Nintendo Switch Preview Event. I don’t know if it controls differently than other Sonic titles, or if the level design is top notch, or the graphics shine brighter, but so far this is the only Sonic title that has had me completely hooked! Normally I’d be purchasing it on PS4 for the trophies, but having the ability to play anywhere makes picking this game up on Switch a no-brainer.

Have you ever justified purchasing a console to play an indie game? Well I have… and my Xbox One has been collecting dust ever since Cuphead was announced. This charming platformerer recreates old Disney cartoon visuals with Mega Man’s challenging gameplay and incredible boss fights. With a release date of Mid 2017, the clock is ticking!


Destiny 2
At launch, I didn’t like Destiny, but I couldn’t hate it either. A long-time fan of Bungie, I could see and feel the underlying architecture that made their original MMO-Shooter hybrid so much fun to play, mostly in spite of itself. Destiny 2 is their chance to take things back to the start and make good on what Destiny should have been from the get-go. I’m not saying we should forgive their past transgressions, but perhaps we should be willing to give Bungie a chance to have Destiny live up to its actual potential.

Assassin’s Creed Origins
The Assassin’s Creed franchise has had a rocky history of quality releases, to put it mildly. I remember being one of the few who truly enjoyed the barebones gameplay of the original Assassin’s Creed and ended up pre-ordering the follow up that rocketed the series to stardom on the shoulders of Italian assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Since 2009, the formula has largely remained the same. Tweaks to the the controls and additions like hunting and ship battles round out the majority of what’s been bolted on to Assassin’s Creed II in the intervening years. I’m excited to see if the year off and attempted reboot will really see Ubisoft go back to the drawing board with this series, or if we’ll get yet another AC title in the same mold.

Sonic Mania
Look, don’t tell Aston okay? The Sonic Cycle is a real thing, and I’ve seen it destroy good men. But Sonic Mania just looks so DAMN GOOD. To me, this is honestly the first attempt at 2D sonic since the Sonic Advance games that looks to nail the gameplay feel of the Genesis originals (only I think it does it better). It legitimately looks like the 2D sonic game they would have made for the Sega Saturn; you know- if the Saturn had widescreen support.

I didn’t own a PS2 back when Spider-Man 2 came out and blew peoples’ minds with its free swinging gameplay. Of course, going back to it now, the version of New York that Neversoft created on that console feels barren by modern standards; which is why I’m so excited that one of my favorite teams is developing a new one for the PS4. Last year’s teaser trailer got me hyped, and it seems like the team at Insomniac really gets the type of wise-cracking fun the teenage hero exhibits in his own comics. I’m also hoping this game’s free flying platforming action clicks for me in a way Sunset Overdrive sadly never did.

Super Mario Odyssey
New 3D Mario. New 3D Mario. Super Mario 3D Land (that’s the 3DS one) was one of the most innovative-feeling Mario platforms in years. Created by the Super Mario Galaxy team, it exhibits Nintendo’s uncanny ability to design games that maximize the use of their hardware without feeling forced about it. As their first all-new major title for the Switch (a console I still haven’t purchased), I really want to see what Ninty does to bring their A-Game on the portable powerhouse.

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