Must Play: DJ Hero

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What it is:

A rhythm game that challenges you to become the ultimate plastic turntable DJ.

Why you have to play it:

Arriving at the tail end of the music game craze, DJ Hero 1 & 2 were sent to die by Activision. Criminally underrated and fun to play, both games feature excellent mixes and a game experience that tries to approximate the kind of work real DJ’s do, while still being an enjoyable game. Collaboration with huge artists like Daft Punk and deadmau5 means that the music selection is choice, and the higher difficulties are an entertaining and challenging departure from the traditional Guitar/Band mold.

Where can I get it?

While it was likely a sales disappointment, copies are readily available. PS3 and Xbox 360 bundles with the game and turntable can still be found new on Amazon for a reasonable price, but you can also pick one up cheaper via eBay or your local secondhand retailer. Once you have the turntable, disc-only copies of either game are dirt cheap!

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  • Amanda Plowman

    This is probably not a good game for those of us who are rhythmically challenged. However, it looks like fun!